About Us

Dean Nguyen is the founder of SRQHome Services, LLC a home services company servicing the Sarasota area since 2010.

Dean is one of the many self made immigrant success stories the United States if known to write. Dean has experienced, for decades, everything the US has to offer and thrived he has thrived each step of the way.

As a teenage immigrant you can imagine both the immense uncertainty yet the vast opportunity Dean faced at a time when most were deciding what the wear or do on Friday’s date night.

Dean put himself through college working at any odd job he could find, the same work ethic he was taught in Vietnam. This work ethic not only helped his family immigrate to the US, it is something that has been key to his success here in the states.

As the owner of SRQ Home Services, LLC he continues to strive for excellence and the American dream utilizing the many lessons and struggles his life has taught.

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