Dean’s Bio

I was born amidst the Vietnam War in Saigon. My father was an officer for the Southern Army, and he was put in jail, or a so-called “reeducation camp” according to communists, for three years. At the time, my family was homeless and impoverished. I was the oldest son with two younger sisters, so I began helping my mother sell products on the street to make ends meet for the entire family. Although the war ended in 1975, my father was released in 1979 and journeyed to the United States on a boat, alongside millions of other Vietnamese families.

By the time my family emigrated to the U.S. in 1985, my mother and I were buying and selling U.S. dollars and gold, respectively. We first came to California, but the schools would not accept my previous school credits. As a result, I had to begin as a freshman in high school until I was kicked out because eighteen-year-olds could no longer continue “on track” and had attend night school in order to obtain my GED. In the meantime, my aunt informed me that Colorado’s schools would accept all of my credits except four English credits and one U.S. History credit. I moved to Colorado to be granted a high school diploma upon completing the remaining credits, and my family joined me five months later.

My father was jobless for almost two years when we had moved to Colorado, so he and I started a paper route and ended up with six hundred homes on our route. I would wake up early to deliver newspapers and attend school during the day. My first official job was working at KFC to provide my family with food and housing alongside my father. By 1989, I would attend college on weekdays and assist farmers with fertilizing their crops on the weekends. After I graduated college, I worked as a real estate agent for sixteen years to become a mortgage design specialist later on. I was working for one of the biggest mortgage companies in America at the time. I even had a job promotion that brought my wife, kids, and me to Florida in 2007.

Unfortunately, the whole market collapsed in 2009, leading to financial crisis. No one would hire me with a background of exotic mortgage design, so I was back to selling any produce (that I could receive from farms) on the streets. Thankfully, events took a turn for the better, and I have worked for a pest and termite control company for the last four years. I had also opened a remodel and construction company. Meanwhile, I was raising three children and helping my wife finish her education. The reason I wanted to open this business of home watching in Sarasota is because I’ve met a lot of great, successful people in the business, and home watching was a common job request for seasonal pest control customers. I am at a point now that I want to do more to help pay for my children’s college tuition without relying on other workers’ skills; I want to do the work myself. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the most esteemed home watch men. He has since walked me through the job and I am certain this is what I want to do. All of my life, I have worked more than two jobs to support my family, and I am still working in construction, pest control, and insurance work on the side. When you hire me, you can be confident in my capabilities of being an honest, hardworking person who will treat your home as I would my own.