To Do’s

Below is a check list of things to do and our suggestions before you leave your home for an extended period of time.

______ Secure all patio furniture, grills, trash cans, etc within your home/garage
______ Stop or forward mail and newspaper deliveries
______ Ensure all windows are locked
______ Ensure all doors are locked
______ Activate security system if installed
We Suggest You Also Do The Following
______ Install a pin lock for sliding patio doors (more details) or read roll down shutters below
______ Close all window blinds/curtains
______ Set the AC between 78-82° F (Humidistat between 55-60%)
______ Unplug or surge protect electrical items such as:
  TVs, stereos, computers, garage door openers, wi-fi network devices, etc.
______ Turn off all unnecessary circuit breaks (range, water heater, etc)
______ Shut off the water main to your home (inform your pool company)
Other Things To Consider Doing
  Change the batteries in your smoke detectors and thermostat
  Remove the batteries from remotes and other battery operated items then store them in a cool dry place in your home. (refrigeration is not necessary)
  Opening closets, cabinets, etc.
  If you will be running your AC during your absence then opening this items is not necessary. If you intend on shutting the AC off all together, then yes open these items so air may circulate.
  Ceiling fans on or off?
  The basic use of a ceiling fan is to cool people when they are in the room. They also move air which will aids a small bit in preventing areas of the room from being a bit more humid than others. Keeping a ceiling fan running is not necessary however many clients do in order to have a bit more piece of mind that the air is not stagnating in their home.
  Install hurricane shutters on windows/doors

If you do not intend to visit your home during the summer months and you would like to ensure your home is protected in the event of hurricanes put your shutters up before you leave. For an additional fee we will put your shutters up and take them down for you.

The more windows covered by hurricane shutters the fewer quick access points a thief will have as well.

  Humidity concerns in garages, enclosed lanais or sheds

Placing DampRid in these areas will help reduce humidity but not eliminate it. Many people also use cat litter in baking sheet pans as an alternative, however this has no scientifically proven effects.

Permanently installing a humidifier in these areas is another option. (more details)

  Place a battery maintaining charger on boats, cars, motorcycles, etc.
  Provide filters for your AC system and we will change them systematically as requested
  Provide our contact information or business card to a neighbor or two who are year round Floridians. This way if they see anything out of the ordinary they can phone us directly. We will then contact you with their concerns and observations.
  Covering toilets, drains, etc.

Many seasonal Florida residents will place bleach in their toilets and cover the bowl with cellophane to prevent bugs, snakes and other pests from gaining access to their home thru the toilet. The first time we flush your toilet the seal on the cellophane is broken (toilets suck air during the flushing process) and the bleach is gone.

Keeping water in traps is one of the best ways to prevent these pests from getting into your home at this entry point that is why we run water in all traps during our inspections. It is also why we suggest inspections at least bi-weekly as some traps may dry out in between a 4 week inspection schedule

  Consider installing an AC theft protection cage
  The copper in the outside condensing unit of your AC system is quite valuable and theives can remove this unit within minutes. Installing a theft prevention cage will deter these opportunistic thieves.
  Consider installing roll down hurricane shutters on open lanais

One of the areas of homes that is the easiest access point for burglars is your sliding glass doors leading out to your lanai. These doors are also a huge damage risk during hurricanes. If you install roll down hurricane shutters the benefits are many.

  • Hurricane protection
  • Prevents against break-ins
  • Helps keep this area clean from outside elements sand, dust, pollen & moisture
  • Your lanai furniture does not have to be removed from the lanai at the end of your visits.
  Landscaping against your home

Any lanscaping that directly contacts your home is a natural bridge for insects, pests, mice and rats to gain access to your home through windows, sofits, roof vents, etc.

Cut back all plants and trees the contact your home or that would offer a short jump to your home.